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Super Tame Hand Reared Blue And Gold Macaw Baby 352 403 2472
$ 790
Brattleboro, Vermont
Super tame hand reared blue and gold macaw baby closed rung comes with hatch certificate used to family friendly environment no DNA no cage included for more info please contact (352) 403 2472 ...
Hand Reared Catalina Macaw 352 403 2472
$ 900
Columbia, Missouri
Gorgeous Catalina MaleLovely large babyHand reared and now fully weaned, ready for his new home.Comes with cites, dna sexing cert, carry cage and bag of seed.Can possibly deliver (352) 403 2472 ...
Handtame Baby Quaker Parrots 352 403 2472
$ 800
Tallahassee, Florida
Beautiful colours, 10 weeks old, closed rung, handtame stunning bird, raised around with kids and other animals.Loves attention, very healthy birds, beautiful feathers,Must go to good home as real characters, Love attention and tame with everyoneBlue ...
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot352 403 2472
$ 800
Lafayette, Louisiana
Hi, unfortunately I am having to rehome our parrot. We purchased him just over a week ago and sadly my partners asthma has flared up since bringing him home. Although weve only had him a short amount of time, the parrot will take treats from our hand ...
Hand Reared Baby Lutino Galah
$ 680
Bethesda, Maryland
For sale beautiful baby lutino galah cockatoo 18 week old flight train gorgeous bird very rarely found this type baby please genuine buyer only no time wasters thanks pick up or can deliver for extra cost. . ...
Baby African Grey Parrot352 403 2472
$ 1000
Indianapolis, Indiana
Baby African grey female parrot looking for forever Loving home she is hand reared already started to talk on 100% pellet food fresh fruit and vegetables No sunflower seedsDNA and A10 certificateStainless steel close rung comes with large cage toys h ...
Sweet African Grey Baby For Sake 352 403 2472
$ 500
Bridgeport, Connecticut
You will need a van to collect the cage.The bird has papers in cage I don’t know, but I bought her for pets not to breed or make money from I’m selling her with the cages I’ll take £860 no offers with cages which are like new . Contact for mor ...
We Sell Very Fertile Candle Lit Eggs Of All Species Of Parrots
$ 50
Dallas, Texas
We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary , candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy b ...
African Grey Parrots For Sale
$ 750
Dallas, Texas
Visit our website below to select your Parrot-Velma.https://www.v-b-h.net/parrots-for-sale.htmlYou asked for and We heard your ...
Hand Raised African Greys Parrots
$ 1000
Houston, Texas
Absolutely adorable, hand feeding babies, so sweet and trying to make sounds already. These babies will be Great Talkers! Health Guaranteed. Boys and girls available. All babies are DNA tested. my adult birds all speak quite well! I provide care, tra ...
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