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northeast SD, South Dakota
A perfect tiny Teacup Corgi puppy puppy. 12 weeks old and 19 oz. He will be between 3-3.5lbs fully grown. His mother is 3.8lbs and father is 2.5lbs. Comes with Full AKC registration ...pls Email me : kellyken2009@gmail.comkellyken2009@gmail.com ...
Pretty Looking Ster Horse!! Kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Laurel, Montana
Pretty Looking Ster Horse!! This luxury Ster stallion is a real eye-catcher! With his pretty face, thick manes, strong build and thin legs he is an elegant but impressive stallion. Dauke is that kind of horse who will pop-out eyes when he will arrive ...
7 Year Old Tall Beautiful Gelding!! Kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Cleveland, Ohio
Looking for a big friendly black pearl? We have him for sale! Tys is a beautiful big gelding with a very sweet and affectionate nature. Tys was bought as a foal by the previous owner and has been there all his life until now. Due to old age, his owne ...
This Sweet Mare Will Make Somebody Very Happy!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Hartford, Connecticut
This sweet mare will make somebody very happy! Evi is a beautiful and very sweet 3rd premium studbookmare and she is in foal by Wylster 463 Sport-Elite for 2021, her due date is 5 March 2021! Evi is a very nice mare with a golden personality. As well ...
Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale.,pls Email Me : Kellyken2009@gmail.com
$ 200
macon warner robins, Georgia
Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale. Very Playful and friendly. Home breed and well socialized. Comes with AKC Registration, Pedigree, vaccination card and 4 weeks free ..pls Email me : kellyken2009@gmail.comkellyken2009@gmail.com ...
Majestic Looking Horse!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
St. Louis, Missouri
Majestic Looking Horse!! This baroque stallion is very handsome! With his long manes, pretty face and cute eye-expression he will steal a lot of hearts. Durk is a stallion with a good baroque conformation and impressive gaits. He is well ridden and d ...
Delightful Little Yorkie Pup.pls Email Me : Kellyken2009@gmail.com
$ 200
annapolis, Maryland
Just take a look at this delightful little Yorkie pup. He is so calm an lovable. Jasper will steal your heart. He is so small, but he runs and plays as if he was a larger puppy. ... ...
Male And Female Corgi Puppy Puppies,pls Email Me : Kellyken2009@gmail.com
$ 00
Hawaii, Hawaii
Beautiful Corgi Puppies, raised in our home with our family and other dogs. Used to home environment, played with daily, love human contact. Mother is our family pet. Ready for ...pls Email me : kellyken2009@gmail.comkellyken2009@gmail.com ...
Anna Is A Beautiful Tall Impressive Mare To Watch At.kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Beaver, West Virginia
Ridden Anna is a beautiful tall impressive mare to watch at. She is sired by Jehannes 484 Sport x Ulbert 390 Sport x Hearke 254 Sport+Preferent. She is in foal by the interesting bred young stallion Ulbran 502 with a low inbreeding of 0.98% and an af ...
Cute Corgi  Puppies Free Pls Email Me : Kellyken2009@gmail.com
$ 00
Jefferson, Alabama
Purebred tiny teacup Corgi puppies. Have you been thinking about a new puppy for yourself or your family? Well this is your opportunity to get it! My puppies will makes a perfect ...pls Email me : kellyken2009@gmail.com ...
Outstanding Beautiful Horse!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Duluth, Minnesota
Beautiful Horse!! This beautiful stallion is being in the center of the attention! With his long forelock, thick manes, pretty face, strong build and good movements you can say Daen is a real eye-catcher! Daen is a horse who has a lot of expression a ...
Wow Look At This Handsome Boy!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Livingston, New Jersey
Wow look at this handsome boy!! Buendia is a full pre stallion (who can be castrated) with a gorgeous head, a big neck and a fantastic personality. He is just a few days in Holland (imported from Spain) but he is very easy, calm and relaxed. Buendia ...
Nice Future Sports Mare!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Little Rock, Arkansas
Nice Future Sports Mare!!Black, without any marks , Saddle broke / lightly ridden . Contact me via kennethdbailey87@gmail.com or (445) 900-1987 ...
Own Bred Full Papered Lovely Mare!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Dover, Delaware
Own Bred Full Papered Lovely Mare!! Fajah has been born at our place and we have had several brothers and sisters of her. She has a lovely personality, is just made saddle broke but doing great. She is a nice mix between modern and baroque Friesian m ...
Real Eye Catching Stallion!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Beaver, West Virginia
Real eye catching stallion!! Horik has the looks and the movements and he is a real eye catcher!! He is sired by Tsjalle 454 Sport-Elite+Pref x Tsjerk 328 Sport+Pref x Oltman 317. He has full papers: Ster / Ster+2* / Ster+Preferent+5* / Model+Double ...
Handsome, Great Moving Gelding!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Walhalla, North Dakota
Handsome, Great Moving Gelding!! This beautiful young gelding is a pleasure in everyway! With his happy character , beautiful head, strong conformation and super movements, Fernando is a wonderful horse in all ways! Fernando is well ridden and he is ...
Great Moving Stallion!!kennethdbailey87@gmail.com
$ 0000
Logan, Utah
great moving stallion!!Gerke (fan Meren-State) is a fantastic moving, baroque stallion. He is sired by the legend Uldrik 457 x Nykle 309 x Leffert 306 Sport+Preferent. He comes out of a full papered motherline; Ster+3* / Ster+Preferent+6* / Ster+Pref ...