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African Gray Parrots For Sale 4197182563
$ 500
Palo Alto, California
Gorgeou African Gray and gold Macaw parrot! Very sweet and easy going! Almost weaned, she is now ready for you with her cage. She is 18 months old. Lovely and fast to mark words. She is tamed, you can take her outside and play with her.Text: (419) 71 ...
African Grey Parrot 1300 Male - 1300 Female
$ 1300
los angeles, California
I've got my lovely hand reared Congo African Grey Parrots for re homing. They come with their CITES A10 certificates; the necessary paperwork and they are also closed rung.12 week old baby parrots, will come to anyone and adjust to new environment in ...
Fertile Parrot Egg Species
$ 34
California, California
We are offering freshly laid and fertile parrot egg species from weaned Aviary at affordable prices. 100% candle tested fertility for hatching gorgeous healthy chicks. We are selling to persons interested in breeding and hand rearing up their own bir ...
Adorable Talking Hyacinth Macaws Parrots Available
$ 600
St. Louis, Missouri
We have decided to give out male and female macaw parrots. They are all hand raised, hand fed and fully tamed birds. They do have a great temperament love’s kids, very intelligent and also very sociable with other pets and strangers. Excellent with ...
Jacksonville, Florida
my birds go to their new homes when they are able to eat and drink independently and am sure that they are ready for the big move.African Grey parrots are famous for their amazing talking ability. These birds are able to remember and mimic hundreds o ...
Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots For Adoption
$ 00
San Antonio, Texas
Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots For Sale. They are both DNA tested, friendly with other home pets. For more information,Whatsapp only on 5188613388 ...
Outstanding Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots For Adoption.
$ 10
San Diego, California
I have cute and affectionate blue and gold macaw parrots i am giving out for adoption, They are registered with papers, current with shots and vaccines.Have good temperaments with kids and other pets.They are not inclined to make a great deal of nois ...
Healthy Hyacinth Macaw Parrots
$ 550
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
All my babies are hand-reared and are all super-tame and well handled. They are used to being around small children and used to a busy household. Me and the wife hand-rear all our baby Macaws in small clutches so that each one gets lots of human atte ...
Pair Of Macaw Parrots For  Adoption
$ 100
San Jose, California
2 parrots they are love birds and have always been together so not willing to sell separately Comes with a standard cage They are 10 months old one male and female the male talks And further information.For more details and recent pics email or whats ...
Dallas, Texas
beautiful hand reared baby African grey parrots. These parrots are well tamed and can understand human language clearly. They are simply friendly and love playing. For more info, whatsapp only, 5188613388 ...
Baby African Grey Parrots Vet Tested And Vaccintaed For Adoption
$ 10
New york, New York
Beautiful Hand Reared Baby Congo African Greys. 12 weeks old. Lovely Tame Babies. They have been spoon fed and are now eating independently, feeding on a healthy Fresh Fruit & Veg diet, email me if you want to but both male and female or anyWhatsapp ...
Pair Of Macaw Parrots For Adoption Free
$ 00
pheonix, Arizona
I have a pair of Macaw parrots ready for a new home. They are tamed, friendly, hand-fed and vaccinated. These parrots are home raised. They are well known for their bright colors. Will come with all necessary papers, vaccination records, health certi ...
Lovely Umbrella Cockatoo Parrots For Free Adoption
$ 00
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Children are often fascinated with birds, and those that are usually don't waste much time requesting to have one as a pet. For those parents wondering what type of bird would make the best pet for their child, I give you the Top 3 Bird Species that ...
Cockatoo Parrots Available Now
$ 500
Youngstown, Ohio
We play with them and interact with them frequently making sure every member of our family handles them so they are well rounded, which makes their transition into their forever home an easier one.Please Text or WhatsApp me at (+19713195794) if havin ...
Healthy Hyacinth Macaw Parrots
$ 550
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
All my babies are hand-reared and are all super-tame and well handled. They are used to being around small children and used to a busy household. Me and the wife hand-rear all our baby Macaws in small clutches so that each one gets lots of human atte ...
Healthy Macaw Parrots And Fertile Eggs
$ 250
Los Angeles, California
We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. all our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary , candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy b ...
Macaw Parrots, Cockatoos, Grey Parrots And Fertile Eggs For Sale At Low Prices.
$ 500
Los Angeles, California
Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized. We also sell fertile eggs of the above mentioned birds as well as incubators of all sizes and shapes. All our parrot eggs have a 100% hatching guarantee and we do a rep ...
African Grey Parrot For Sale
$ 700
Little Rock, Arkansas
Very friendly African grey parrot who is quite talkative. He was my husband's parrot but he has sadly passed away and unfortunately due to work I don't have the time to care for him. Price includes deluxe large cage and a transportable cage too. Mess ...
2 Tame Male African Grey Parrots
$ 700
Modesto, California
I have 2 male African grey parrots for sale due to work commitments. They are 18 months old. Both talk and whistle. One is very tame will step up and sit on your shoulder. Both like their head tickled. Must go together. Come with large cage, toys and ...
Adorable African Grey Parrots For A New Home
$ 500
Dayton , Ohio
Adorable African grey parrots for a new home. Vet checked and micro chipped. Health and medical certificates from our vet. They whistle, sing and respond to voice commands.Please contact us with the name of the breed directly via Text or WhatsApp me ...
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